Mikey told me yesterday he’s moving back to Washington State in about a week and a half.

This time I believe him.

I have mixed feelings about the situation. First I will be sad because i’ll feel like I lost a friend and I’ll miss him and Buddha. On the other hand, I will be totally proud of him for leaving his cage called San Francisco. 

Buddha loves laying on blankets and rugs

Enjoying the weather in the park today. 

Fashion Buddha

Today was the first time hanging out with Mikey in 3 months. He cut off all his hair. It was a nice day catching up on all the sf street gossip. Buddha is looking great. He wants to move back to Washington. 

I found Mikey before I left San Francisco. He was curled up with Buddha in the BART station just where I thought he would be. Buddha now has to wear a muzzle 24 hours a day and he doesn’t look pleased about it. I said goodbye to Mikey and asked him to take care of himself. I’ll be back in August.

in the past week, Mikey got a new Tattoo: “Irish Pride” across his neck. 

Mikey and Buddha