I found Mikey before I left San Francisco. He was curled up with Buddha in the BART station just where I thought he would be. Buddha now has to wear a muzzle 24 hours a day and he doesn’t look pleased about it. I said goodbye to Mikey and asked him to take care of himself. I’ll be back in August.

in the past week, Mikey got a new Tattoo: “Irish Pride” across his neck. 

Mikey and Buddha

Buddha knows what hurts

Buddha gets excited about the wheels on skateboards. 

Playful Buddha wanting someone to rub his belly 

big lap dog

Mikey broke his thumb beating up a guy who was smoking crack and in front of a bunch of kids. He told me he dragged the guy around the corner so the kids didn’t have to see him beating up the guy. 

Everyone stares at them if they notice them. People often also try to take pictures of them, but try to be sneaky about it.